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Free Hong Kong proxies

A proxy server is your network intermediary that performs a variety of tasks and makes your Internet travels more free and secure. You have a list of free proxy servers, as well as a personal proxy service , which is our main activity.

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Hong Kong SOCKS4 Elite
1,8 ms
3676 min ago



Free proxies exclude any possibility of working with social networks, parsing search engines and working with private software.

We are not responsible for using the free proxy list. The IP list is provided for informational purposes only.

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We answer your questions

What proxies do you offer?

We offer free fresh proxies that have just been checked and added to our proxy list. We update our proxy list on a regular basis. Our free proxies are public HTTP proxies.

What is a public proxy?

It is a proxy server that is free and accessible by any Internet user. In many countries there are a large number of public proxies, but most of them are not anonymous.

Where do you get proxies for your proxy list?

Our bot searches for proxy lists in the Interner. After that, proxies are checked and sorted by port number, country, type and speed.

How often do update your available proxies list?

Our list of available proxies keeps updating automatically. All listed proxies are being checked, therefore there are only active IP addresses in the list.

Where can I get data for authorization?

You do not need it. Proxies use open ports and do not require login and password. If you have any issues related to proxy perfomance, check whether the settings are correct, or select another proxy from the list.

Can I get a proxy from a specific city / state?

Unfortunately, no. You can select a proxy only by a country of its origin.

How can I check if proxy is working?

Click "Refresh" button next to a proxy you want to check. We also prepared some useful features that will allow you to check proxy list in just few seconds — follow the link