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Browser’s Fingerprint online

Your IP address:

Browser Fingerprint:

LocationLocation (unknown),
TimezoneTimezone undefined


OSoperating systemOther
Browseroperating systemaxios.1.6.5
Browser languageBrowser language
Device not deviceN/A
Screen sizeScreen size


JavaScript:JavaScriptturned off
Flash:Flashturned off
Java:Javaturned off
ActiveX:ActiveXturned off
VBScript:VBScriptturned off
DoNotTrack:Do Not Trackturned off

User Agent:

User Agent (JS method):

Checking Fingerprint of the browser

Browser fingerprint checking is essential for assessing the privacy and uniqueness of users online. A fingerprint is a device identifier created based on specific information:

  1. User Agent - information about the browser and operating system.
  2. List of plugins installed in the browser: Flash, VBScript, and ActiveX.
  3. JavaScript support information.
  4. DNS IP addresses used for internet access.
  5. Details about the device's screen resolution.
  6. Information about the version and type of the operating system.
  7. List of fonts installed on the device.
  8. Information about the user's time zone.
  9. List of extensions installed in the browser.

This data can be utilized by various web resources and advertising companies for tracking purposes. Fingerprint verification is crucial for determining your online privacy level. By analyzing the received information, you can review your browser settings and take measures to enhance your privacy.

Browser Fingerprint scanner from Proxy-Sale

Fingerprint testing is necessary for:

  1. Privacy level assessments. The analysis reveals the extent of information that websites can collect about you.
  2. Detection of information leaks. The verification service displays data about your device and browser accessible to websites, helping you identify potential information leaks and take protective measures.
  3. Tracking control. It indicates which unique markers in your browser could be used for tracking you across different sites.
  4. Evaluating Fingerprint quality. It is useful for assessing the effectiveness of anti-detection browsers in protecting your privacy.

By using Proxy-Sale’s fingerprint checking tool, you will receive up-to-date information about your browser’s fingerprint. Data for each parameter is automatically presented on the "Fingerprint Scanner" service page.