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Checking open ports online

What is a port scanner and why?

What is a port scanner and why?

Checking open ports using a scanner shows which ports are open on your or someone else's computer / site and what they answer. The check is performed through the NMAP scanner and shows how open your access to PC / site for the outside world.
Type of ports scanned:
Scan Type:
Test results:
* If the result is 'Host is down,' then the firewall or router is being checked and blocking IP addresses.

Why the online IP open ports scanning is important?

Receiving and transmitting information packets within one host is carried out through the port, which means “the digital arrival platform”, which detects the form and degree of interaction between the computer and the network. The check of the PC’s port or the website by IP – it’s a tool that uses a local or global network to detect and determine access points of devices connected to this network in real-time.

Open ports scanning will allow you to:

  • Detect open ports– the software detects active communication points through which the device receives and transmits data;
  • Identify the OS on the device – scanners are often used by hackers to detect the operating system of the user and to hack its security in own purposes.
  • Monitor the working services – it’s possible to see which services are working at the moment in a system through the host port. And that’s mean it’s available to collect the user’s data.
  • Check the system vulnerabilities – Windows scanner port allows you to check the security level and terminate any possible attacks.

What is an Online Port Scanner

Network ports are used to route input information from the network to certain programs on the designated computer. If you want to use Remote Desktop on Windows, you have to be sure that 3389 ports are open and redirect to the required PC. The port scanner tool displays which ports on your network are open for communication. Whether the port is open or not can help with configuring security cameras, network security, and other necessary Internet operations.

How to check Ports Online

Follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. If you need to check the ports of a proxy, switch on the proxy and insert its IP address to the “Enter the IP address or domain” field;
  2. If it is necessary, scan your personal IP, using the “Insert my IP address” function;
  3. If it is a website, then insert a link to the website;
  4. Choose the required type of ports below: Hidden ports, Popular ports;
  5. Finish the work by pressing the “Start scanning” button and in a few seconds, the result will be displayed at the right corner of the form.

IP Port Scanner

Nowadays, you don’t need to download and set the specialized software to analyze the network connection but find a free online IP port scanner such as we have. It is usually used to detect opened or weak points of connection – Nmap utility is used. It has enough options to make a really deep scan, and that’s the possibility to collect a full detailed profile host information.

Using an online IP ports scanner the user or the administrator of the web-resource has an option to improve the security level of the computer of the server is used. Using our scanner you will receive the full detailed report about available ports at the moment, and most importantly as quickly as possible.

IP port scanner gives an opportunity to view popular and hidden points of connection, which are potential can be used to remote control of the pc or to hack the operational system. Right in time detection, a publicly accessible connection point will help you to improve computer or service performance. With our online tool for the regular scan of your PC or laptop, you have more chances to keep your personal information (logins, password, contacts) protected.

Scanning of the access points is often used by hackers to plan targeted or disparate attacks. That’s why you should use their own methods to detect security threats.