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Using this service, you can check how anonymous you are on the network, how much the data provided by your computer / browser matches the data provided by your ip-address.
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We answer your questions
  • Why do we need an anonymity check?
    In most cases, white and anonymous proxies are required to work, with the help of a check you can verify the anonymity of the IP. Some services pay attention to this. Also, the service can be used to check for vulnerabilities that affect the anonymity of IP.
  • What to do if proxy anonymity is displayed low?
    To increase the percentage of IP anonymity, it is necessary to eliminate the problem areas that are displayed in the context menu below. In most cases, you need to check the time zone, the displayed country, the language of the operating system.
  • What to do if IP in the blacklist?
    If your address is on the blacklists, we recommend you changing it, by the purchase of personal proxies that will be anonymous with a 100% guarantee. There can be many reasons for finding an address in blacklists, mainly spam, illegal actions. Please note that all the services you visit or use know this information and your outgoing address can easily be blocked or blocked by the whole network where the IP is located.
  • What settings affect IP anonymity?
    IP anonymity is influenced by a large number of parameters. The main ones are: IP data, location, OS, browser, system language, user agent availability, blacklist definition, number of open ports.
  • What should I do if the anonymization check service sees that a proxy is being used?
    Nothing to do with this. This information can be important only to the system that checks you, for example, in bookmakers or online games can pay attention to this fact. The reason maybe if the use of the service is prohibited in a certain country, you use a proxy and after some time the address has been checked, the detection of the proxy use may be a blocking factor.

More about checking anonymity

Anonymous proxy servers are a popular and effective form of IP address protection on the Internet. They act as an intermediary between your computer and the visited web resource. Private proxies that hide IPs can be divided into 3 categories:

  • simple anonymous: do not hide the fact of using proxy servers, but when displaying information about the user, they replace your IP with their data;
  • distorting: they do not conceal the authenticity of the use of a proxy, but the client’s IP is substituted for an arbitrary or random one;
  • elite anonymous: they do not even disclose the very fact of a proxy server, but instead of your IP there is a proxy server address.

Based on this, it becomes clear that it is better to use elite anonymous servers for safe and maximum secret work on the Internet.

How and for what proxy anonymity is checked

When choosing and in the future when using a proxy, the client has every right to make sure of its anonymity. It becomes possible to check this parameter using special online services. At the same time, it is important to use only those that guarantee the accuracy and complete confidentiality of information, and most importantly – confidence in the protection of your data.

To solve this problem, you can use our online service. It helps to check anonymity on the Internet, taking into account the following criteria:

  • IP address data;
  • host, location, coordinates;
  • OS, browser;
  • IP time zone;
  • the presence of the UserAgent application that provides access to websites;
  • language;
  • screen resolution;
  • the fact of using a proxy, VPN, Tor, anonymizer;
  • presence of programming languages ​​and programs that define them: Flash, Java, ActiveX, WebRTC, WebRTC IPs;
  • the number of open ports;
  • blacklist presence.

After such a detailed check, the screen will display all the main items that determine the level of anonymity of your IP. Obtaining this information will also help you check IP blocking. You will understand which proxy servers you can use and which ones are better not.

Why check IP anonymity is needed

The IP address gives detailed information about who is using it and from where. Often, this kind of data helps the owners of certain Web services create a fairly detailed profile about a person and use it for their own purposes. It is good if this is done only to collect statistics, but the information obtained can also be used by attackers.

So, for example, many site security systems can easily detect the use of a proxy by a particular user and block it without any notification, thus eliminating the protection of the IP address. Often gambling services, hackers and various scammers turn to such frauds.

The verification tool accurately determines the anonymity of the proxy, shows its use and the real type of user. Having received such information, the client can either confirm his safety, or (in its absence) provide it to himself as soon as possible.

Using this service, you can check the degree of anonymity on the network, as well as the fact that the data provided by your computer / browser matches the data provided by your IP address. Also, with the help of our online service, it will be possible to check the IP for blocking.