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Proxy filter

Proxy filtering is the process of sending a proxy filter to the main server to select specific recommendations.

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Proxy Filter Benefits

The biggest feature of the proxy filter is the convenience and ease of use of this procedure. On most specialized sites, such a service is performed online with the additional ability to save to a file and clear the field. Proxy filtering is performed in IP.PORT format. Among the other advantages of the filter are the following:

  • use of the same filter for a large number of source servers;
  • efficiency in storing and transmitting the filter by the proxy server as needed.

Why should you use the proxy filtering function

Proxy list filters are intended for sorting a “dirty” sheet and converting it to list as proxy:port format, as well as for correcting sheets from proxy pages (including those protected by scripts).

All of the above actions that are performed during filtering greatly simplify the process of using a proxy, making it more effective for staying on the Internet.