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Why do I need a UTM generator?

Using the UTM generator, you have the opportunity to track the effectiveness of an advertising company, a group of keywords, type of traffic, source - by tracking conversions on the necessary links, assigning them all the necessary notes for decryption.

What sources can I use the UTM generator for?

Our online generator can be used for any source, absolutely. For example: Google, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram, Mail, MyTarget.

Your service is free, can I use it all the time?

Exactly. We have created a tool for generating UTM and provide it to all comers for free.

I'm a newbie. How to use a generator?

In principle, nothing complicated. It is enough to enter the URL of the monitored page and follow all the fields below, there are implemented tips. After the UTM link is complete, copy it, or generate a short URL.

The UTM builder is needed to create custom links needed to track ad performance. They will be useful, for example, when working with social networks, newsletters, or contextual advertising in Google Adwords.

Our service instantly generates UTM tags, so you will receive ready-made links immediately after entering the requested data.

The working principle of the UTM Builder

A link with a built-in UTM tag will also lead the user to your website, but now it will be clear which words, button or banner prompted the user to go to the landing page you need. UTM tags can save the advertising budget by tracking the effectiveness of advertising and increase the convenience of analyzing advertising while using different traffic sources.

This tool will be useful to several categories of users:

  • online entrepreneurs;
  • Internet marketers;
  • specialists in setting up advertising;
  • copywriters;
  • bloggers who themselves are marketing their blogs.

Google URL Builder

One of the most common URL use cases with UTM tags is contextual advertising in Google Adwords.

Let’s imagine, you run an ad with three different ads on the same product. They can be configured on the same platform or simultaneously in Google. The question arises: how to determine which of the ads worked and brought you a customer? This is where special URLs with tags for tracking statistics will help.

You can create an unlimited number of UTM tags for Google Adwords and any other advertising platforms.

How to use the UTM tag generator

Typically, a UTM tag generator is used in three cases:

  • to find out the sources of traffic when launching contextual advertising on Google;
  • to track the effectiveness of newsletters;
  • to understand where the audience comes from using different advertising sources.

All you need to generate a UTM tag is to write the web page address, select the source and type of traffic, and also indicate the name of the advertising campaign. If you wish, you can also enter a few more parameters: advertisement ID and keyword. The service will automatically generate a link for you with a UTM tag.

A fairly long link is created by default. Instead, you can generate a short URL by clicking on the appropriate button. This option will be convenient for you when copying and making more readable for users.

Ready links with UTM tags you can not just publish on your sites, but also attach them to banners and buttons. You can also make hyperlinks by linking new URLs to any words in the advertising text.