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Information about your browser

The information transmitted by the web browser when interacting with websites includes various technical parameters, such as: browser version, operating system, device type, and screen resolution. The transmission of this information allows web servers to optimize content for the user's device. To protect your online activity, it's important to understand what data about you can be collected.

TypeDiscoveredCookie meaning
HTTP CookiesNo
HTTP CacheNo
HTML5 Local StorageNo
HTML5 Global StorageNo
HTML5 Session StorageNo
HTML5 Database Storage via SQLiteNo
HTML5 IndexedDBNo
HTML5 PNG CachingNo CachingNo
Flash CookiesNo
Silverlight StorageNo
IE userDataNo

Browser information

User Agent
  • Screen resolution: (Desktop : )
  • Color depth: bit
  • DPI:
  • PDF Viewer
  • Chrome PDF Viewer
  • Chromium PDF Viewer
  • Microsoft Edge PDF Viewer
  • WebKit built-in PDF

Types of browser information

  1. HTML Data determines how the browser interprets and displays web pages, impacting user interaction and visual experience with website elements.
  2. User Agent - contains information about the browser, operating system, and other characteristics.
  3. JavaScript is essential for user engagement with websites, and monitoring its status is crucial for the smooth operation of interactive features and for protecting against potential risks.
  4. Flash is an outdated technology with security vulnerabilities that could be exploited for tracking users.
  5. Plugins enhance browser functionality but may also collect user data.
  6. Screen provides information about your device's screen resolution.

Browser verification tool

Advertising companies may use browser data to analyze user behavior and personalize advertising. Understanding this process helps users manage their online activities more securely and protect personal data.

You can check your browser's settings and HTML data using our free checker. Information for each specified parameter will be automatically displayed on the service page.