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WebRTC leak test

Conduct an analysis to detect any possible leaks of your IP through WebRTC. If a leak is found, it is recommended to eliminate it as soon as possible for anonymous browsing.

Your IP address:

Where are you from:


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As you can see, quite detailed information is provided by IP.

We checked whether WebRTC is activated in your browser and whether you have a real IP address. As it turns out, your real IP address remains unknown and WebRTC is not activated in your browser.

What is WebRTC technology

A browser technology that enhances the quality of video and voice applications. It enables real-time communication between browsers without the need for an intermediary server.

What does a WebRTC leak mean

If this feature is active in your browser and you use a site that interacts with it, your real IP will be exposed, indicating the presence of a WebRTC leak. To avoid this, it's necessary to disable this feature.

Revealing your real IP address can pose a direct threat to your device. A WebRTC leak occurs at the moment of establishing a video or audio connection.

How WebRTC leaks are used

WebRTC leaks can be used to expose a user's "identity", meaning detecting the use of VPN or proxy by services or sites where it's needed, by identifying their real IP address: home, office, etc.

When working with a proxy, the highest anonymity is required, thus, disabling the WebRTC feature is a mandatory step.

How to check for a WebRTC leak

  1. Disable the proxy.
  2. Go to the "My IP" tool, remember the address, and close the page.
  3. Enable your proxy and return to the WebRTC leak check.
  4. If the check shows any of the previously displayed IPs - a leak is present, if not - your session is secure and anonymous.