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IP address or website Ping Test

What is ping IP and why?

What is ping IP and why?

Click on the 'Insert my IP address' button or use the IP or site to which you want to check the ping. Select 3-5 test packets and click the 'Ping IP' button. You will see the desired value in the 'time = 'section.

Ping is considered normal when it is in the range of 40-110 ms. From 110-210 ms, you will start to experience problems in online games, but this will hardly affect your visits to sites. If the timeoutConstant exceeds 110 ms, then this is a reason to think about the quality of work your ISP.

Enter a valid IP address ( or hostname (
Number of packages:
Start Scan:
* If the result is 'Host is down', then the firewall or router is being checked and blocking IP addresses.