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IP address or website Ping Test

Click “Paste my IP address”, select 3-5 test packets and click “Start Ping Test”. You will see the desired value in the “time =” section.

Ping is considered normal when it is within 40-110 ms. From 110-210 ms, you will start to experience problems in online games, but this will not affect your visits to sites. If the timeout exceeds 110 ms, then this is an occasion to think about the quality of work of your provider.

Paste my IP address

Test results:

* If the result is “Host seems down”, then the firewall or router being checked and IP blocking pings.

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We answer your questions

Why should I ping IP?

Checking IP ping allows you to see what level of the Internet connection is. The main evaluation parameters are the speed and stability of the connection.

How to ping to an IP or site using a tool?

In order to ping the necessary IP or the site, you need to insert the address or link in the first field, select the required number of sent packets and click the “Ping IP” button.

What to do if the ping is too high?

In the case of a huge ping, you need to determine how far the server you are accessing is located. If it is far, ping will probably be more than expected. This is normal. If the server is relatively close, you need to use high-speed proxies, preferably in the same GEO, where the server to which you are connecting.

Can I check ping only to IP?

No, our online ping verification tool also supports ping sites. It is enough to insert the desired address for checking the URL into the required field.

What is displayed after the ping IP/domain?

As a result of the check, you see the number of packets sent, at what speed, whether there are losses (the presence of losses = poor connection) and the number of packets delivered. With a high-quality stable connection, the number of delivered packets = 100%.

What is a Ping Test

A ping test means a method of verifying that your computer is connected to a network. The test determines the delay between two PCs. The ping test is run to troubleshoot to find out the connection and response time. The latency test of an IP address allows controlling the quality of the network connection, the key evaluation criteria of which are speed and stability. Moreover, you can ping any Host (network node): a physical computer or a virtual host in TCP/IP networks. Our service allows us to check the quality of the communication node by IP address (including your home or office computer) or by domain name (test of a site located on a remote server).

How to Check Ping

  • Enter the required IP address or the hostname to the necessary field;
  • Choose the number of ping packages;
  • Press the “Start Ping Test" button;
  • See the result in the “Test results" field.

Why ping an IP address?

Ping of IP address allows us to check the quality of the network connection.

The test shows:

  • amount of sent and received data (in bytes);
  • delay time between request and response (in ms);
  • data packet loss rate (in% from 0 to 100).

Using these parameters, it is fairly accurate to assess the speed and stability of the signal along the client-server route, the congestion of data channels and intermediate links (physical network devices: routers, conventional and proxy servers, and other nodes in the network of fiber-optic cables, which are the global Internet network).

Requests are sent over the network protocol ICMP is in the TCP/IP protocol stack (set). If there is no response (100% packet loss or Host seems down), then one of the intermediate nodes or the destination server ignores/blocks the pings.

A very important point is the proxy ping. Since the proxy server in most cases is needed for work (keys parsing, working with various platforms and applications, for collecting data from search engines) or for a comfortable network game, the user wants to get a good speed and stable connection without “brakes and freezes”. IP ping allows us to test and control the connection speed through a proxy.

Pinging an IP address or a host makes it possible to know:

  • data transmission rate over the communication channel (including with an intermediate proxy server);
  • quality of the communication channel in a TCP/IP network (data will be accurate only if ICMP protocol is not blocked and has a sufficiently high priority);
  • IP address and geolocation of the physical site server by domain name (or domain by IP, if there is one site at the address);
  • operability of a remote host (for example, the server on which there is located a hosting);
  • availability of a remote server (including when changing and configuring DNS);
  • presence of a domain name blocking (sometimes a firewall may blacklist an IP address due to a false alarm;
  • the domain may also be blocked by a local or regional provider).

IP ping test is a convenient tool for assessing the quality of communication, as well as the main diagnostic tool for the Internet and local networks.