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Free proxy server online

Proxy server acts as your intermediary within the network, undertaking a number of functions, turning your Internet adventures into a more free and safe ones. Here you will find a list of free proxy servers as well as personal proxy service, which remains our primary activity.

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Free proxies exclude any possibility of working with social networks, parsing search engines and working with private software.

We are not responsible for using the free proxy list. The IP list is provided for informational purposes only.

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Only the first page of the list is available for viewing. Buy access or login to get full access to the service.
Feel free without restrictions and nuisance, risk of getting blocked or disadvantage in changing your IP-address periodically. Private proxy servers for SMM in social networks,craigslist, search engine parsers and many other purposes.

We answer your questions

What type are your proxies?

Our main area is personal dedicated proxies. However, we have developed a free proxy tool, these are public lists that are not limited by the number of people and the purposes of use. Roughly speaking, these IPs can be used for informational purposes or one-time to change the address if necessary. For serious work, such as scraping, they are not suitable.

What types of proxies are displayed?

Our tool constantly processes and displays protocols in the table HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. The timing of checking and updating the list is optimal so that you can get as many working addresses as possible.

Can these proxy lists be used?

It is possible, for any purpose of use, at a time when the use of our personal dedicated proxies is strictly limited and controlled. We recommend that you do not use these IP addresses, for example, for promotion on social networks, scraping with the help of a scrapingfrog, or betting bets.

How to check the performance of free proxies?

There are two ways to check. Using the form at the bottom of the table, choosing the necessary country and the number of IP addresses to check, or use our internal proxy checker https://free.proxy-sale.com/proxy-checker/

What can I use these proxy lists for?

Our recommendation is to use it solely for educational purposes or for purposes that do not require confidentiality and data safety. If you want to protect yourself from blocking, we recommend using exclusively private dedicated proxies.

What if one of the selected free IPs is banned or not working?

In this case, use another one from the list of the required country. Since this tool is provided in free access, we do not guarantee the use of safe or uninterrupted operation.

Are these IP lists suitable for social networks or betting?

Excluded. Using for promotion or maintaining pages on social networks, betting is strictly not recommended.

Can I download proxies online?

Yes, you can select the necessary country and the type of proxy using the filter on the right. Then, use any convenient option that is proposed in the “export” tab.

Will free proxies be suitable for spam or brute force?

It is quite suitable, but it should be kept in mind that the lifetime of the proxies listed is limited. And it is possible that at the time of its use, proxies may already be unavailable.

Almost each Internet user has heard about proxy servers. They have become even more popular provided an increased demand for block bypassing of a number of featured web-resources — social networks, Yandex services, video hosting etc. Needless to say, that the majority of users are interested in free proxies. There is plenty of them in the network, however, it is not always obvious how to choose them correctly or to understand whether they function correctly, say, what is their intended use.

Our free proxy servers online

Our list is being constantly updated with new online free proxies of any country: Ukraine, Russia, Europe, the USA and others. If you are looking for working IPs, Proxy-Sale is all about what you need. While choosing an IP, you may verify its working capacity, speed of connection, ping, geotracking and anonymity due to our special proxy-checker.

Free proxy types mentioned in the lists

Our free proxy lists contain various types of IP. Let’s go into detail here. Different proxy types:

  • HTTP – the most popular one, perfectly suits for TCP browsers and software.
  • HTTPS – this differs from the previous by its secure SSL connection, thus your personal data (login/password, plastic card number etc.) are completely safe.
  • SOCKS – is designed for software, where it is impossible to use proxy directly and transfers the data in its pure form, providing high anonymity.

Proxy servers as to their anonymity are classified as follows:

  • transparent (real user’s IP is being transferred to the HTTP headers, providing low anonymity).
  • anonymous (no real IP is being transferred, but the information on the proxy usage is being transferred).
  • elite (no information on the real IP nor proxy used is being transferred, providing complete anonymity).

The use of HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxy servers

The made-up lists of proxy servers of the HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols provided by Free.Proxy-Sale.com help you in choosing an IP according to the specified parameters. A type, anonymity, speed, country of location — saving time for searching through the Internet, exists an opportunity to find an optimal proxy from already chosen and verified for its validity and working capacity. Our constantly upgrading lists contain more than 20 thousand of addresses from more than 150 countries.

The lists can be filtrated by selecting the necessary type, confidentiality level and unlimited list of countries. By scrolling the double verification regarding the working capacity, invalid proxy will be automatically deleted. For convenience, you may export a list of free IPs in into Excel table and then download into such programmes as Proxifier or ProxyCap.

Free proxy is not used

Free IPs are inappropriate for serious work due to the reasons mentioned above.

  • A proxy may be blocked due to unlawful acts performed by other people;
  • Low ping and connection speed, as a number of users also use it, will be insufficient to play online games;
  • It is unsafe to transmit personal data (such as passwords, card numbers etc.), as it is impossible to guarantee complete confidentiality. If the anonymity is the only reason to get a proxy, such an intermediately agent fail to meet any given requirement;
  • Those users involved in gaining income due to arbitration within the network, bets, account promotion with the use of bots, online games and other serious work within the net, through frequent network failures and blockings risk their income using free IP.

For a free proxy not to be banned, we recommend you not to use them:

  • For any spam type: e-mailing, social networks etc.;
  • Phishing, driving, brute, carding, any hacking types and all that goes with it;
  • Pornographic content placing, distributing and viewing;
  • For torrent downloads;
  • For payment and online banking systems (qiwi, yandex money etc.);
  • Virusware distribution.

The use of free IPs

The Proxy-Sale service provides you with the best current free IPs to be used for any purpose:

  • Viewing blocked resources via Firefox, Opera and other popular browsers or Internet surfing;
  • Announcements and feedback posting, where a bind to a region or IP is needed;
  • For active social network using (for example, for Instagram group and account promoting Instagram, Odnoklassniki, VK);
  • If you are eager to check out the key working principles of proxy and find out how it works;
  • to view video content banned in your region;
  • Parsing and key query gathering.

However, we recommend you to think over the issue of using free IPs pursuing a “global goal”, as they fail to be reliable and fast, thus, you should always be in search of a new working address. Indeed, free proxy may be used for anything you want, taking into consideration the facts mentioned above, it is better to think over buying elite proxies that deem to be not only quality ones, but also will provide you with total anonymity. Besides, a paid version will be the best option if you are in need of high-speed interaction with characters of online games, as well as parsing, account promotion or large files downloading, as, for instance, photos on Instagram).

Attention! We do not bear any responsibility for the use of free proxy server list. They are being provided in acquainting aims.

Difference between free and personal proxy servers

At first glance, personal and free proxy servers are the same, as their working principles are similar: in order to «trick» provider or website security system, the real user’s IP is “covered” by an intermediate IP proxy. However, in fact the difference is rather sharp:

Free Personal
Low speed High speed, quality as well
High ping, in some cases reaching a space shuttle speed Low stable ping
Large numbers of people use it IP address is given only for one user
Free proxy may be banned on the necessary resource due to unlawful acts of other persons As the address leased by you is being used only by you, thus the proxy’s “destiny" depends only on your activity
Low probability to remain anonymous By buying elite proxy, you will be granted with complete anonymity
The assurance of security cannot ever get to 100 per cent. Such a connection fails to be secure enough, thus, while choosing a proxy, you should track all of your data and not to be confident in unverified resources Your personal data as logins, passwords, card number etc. are totally safe.(information on proxy usage and the real IP for providers and other network users is hidden)
If a proxy happens to be banned, there is no one whom you may file claims. You will have to search for a new working IP In case of force majeure, the proxy will be restored or replaced by a new one.
No 24/7 support is available, thus you will have to find a solution by yourself (possibly, during a long period of time) Buying proxy form us, you can be confident that you will be provided with 24/7 support regarding any issue you may face