How and why to use a proxy checker?

How and why to use a proxy checker?

Online proxy checker to check the validity of proxy servers. Analysis of a proxy or group of addresses for availability, country, speed, anonymity, type.
Proxy checker can:
  • checking IPv4, IPv6 for country ownership;
  • determination of the type of protocol HTTPS, SOCKS5 and current speed;
  • checking the anonymity of the address;
  • group, high-speed multithreaded proxy check in 64 threads;
  • the ability to upload a list and upload the result of the check;
  • Convenient display of results using a display filter.
In what format should a proxy be added to the checker?In what format should a proxy be added to the checker?
  • If you have public proxies (without login and password), then - IP: PORT
  • If you have private proxies (with authorization by login and password), then - IP: PORT: USER: PASS
P.S .: If you bought a proxy with us, then they private!
Enter proxy:
We answer your questions
  • What type of proxies can be checked?
    Proxy checker allows checking free and paid proxies of IPv4, IPv6 protocols.
  • In what format should a proxy be added to a proxy checker?
    For free proxies - the IP:PORT format and each address on a new line; for paid proxies - the IP:PORT: USER:PASS format is provided by your seller, each address is on a new line.
  • What filters do on the right of the proxy checker?
    If you want to check a large number of addresses and your software/service supports only one of the protocols - you can turn off the unnecessary and the final list will be compiled with the deduction of the disabled parameter, as well as a possibility to immediately remove the display of non-working IPs.
  • Does the proxy checker validate both SOCKS and HTTPS?
    Yes, our proxy validity checker checks all existing protocols.
  • Can I upload a list of IPs for verification?
    To upload a list of addresses from a file, use the recommended formats depending on the type of proxy and, if available, the links “download from .txt or .csv”
  • Does the validator check addresses both paid and free?
    Yes, our service supports checking both paid and free proxies. Pay attention to the necessary formats for accurate verification. For example, if the proxy is paid and you insert IP:PORT into the checker, the IP will be displayed as inoperative, because the system could not check it correctly.
  • What if after checking the proxy turned out to be inoperative?
    There are only three possible recommendations for this case. Check the correct input format corresponding to your type of proxy, do not use free proxies - the lifetime of such a product is extremely short, check the authorization data in the case of private IPs from your provider.

Online proxy checker for checking addresses for validity

One of the main disadvantages of many free proxy servers, including Russian ones, is their insufficient speed combined with a low uptime (time of availability). Such disadvantages do not allow them to comfortably perform the tasks that users need and are very annoying. But not everyone can afford to spend additional funds to buy paid proxies. And this is not always advisable. What to do, how to get an up-to-date list of valid proxies without spending money?

To solve this problem, our specialists have created a free online proxy checker that will help you systematically check servers on availability and speed, as well as to receive additional information about them. Port or proxy checks are performed almost instantly. You just need to follow simple instructions.

How proxies are checked is detailed below.

How to check a proxy for validity

To check the proxy for validity, you must follow the sequence of actions:

  1. Create a list of IP addresses required for a check, in any convenient format: IP:PORT if free proxies, IP:PORT:LOGIN:PASSWORD if private proxies with authorization;
  2. Copy and paste the list into the input field under the heading “Enter proxy list here”, or load the list using “Load from .txt or .csv”;
  3. On the right in the filter, by default, all checkboxes are applied, displaying HTTP / HTTPS, SOCKS, Inoperative. Press the parameter, the proxies with which will not be displayed in the subsequent check;
  4. To start checking the IP for validity, press the “Check proxy” button;
  5. After a few seconds, the check result will be displayed below with the option to save it, taking into account the set filter, in .txt or .csv.

Follow the five steps above to help you understand how to properly check proxies.

Advantages of the proxy checker service from ProxySale

The service we offer has a number of unique features:

  • It is possible to obtain detailed information on each server – speed, ping, level of anonymity, proxy type, as well as geographic location (country and city);
  • Issue of analytical data of the checker is fine-tuned and allows you to export only that part of the results that you really need;
  • Our service operates on a sufficiently powerful hardware system, which allows it to confidently cope with processing a large number of requests and deliver results in the shortest possible time.
  • And also our service helps check proxies is absolutely free, and we hope, will always be so – isn’t this a significant advantage?
  • Looking for a proxy checker for validation? We have developed it for you, use and enjoy the opportunity to get fast and reliable information about all the proxy servers you need!