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Evercookie online test

Evercookie is a JavaScript API designed to store data across multiple locations. Its primary function is to track users persistently, even after they have cleared standard cookies, Flash cookies, HTML5 storage, and other data.




Features of Evercookie technology

Evercookie uses various methods to store a user ID, such as:

  1. HTTP cookies: A standard method for storing data on the client side.
  2. Local Shared Objects: Flash cookies that are more resistant to deletion than HTTP cookies.
  3. HTML5 storage: Local data storage accessible via JavaScript.
  4. Web History: A record of website visits.
  5. IndexedDB: A database accessible via JavaScript.
  6. PNG cookies: Utilizing the HTML5 canvas element to store data in PNG images.
  7. Silverlight: Microsoft technology similar to Adobe Flash.
  8. Java: Using Java applets to store data.

When cookies are deleted from one of these stores, the others automatically restore the data, ensuring the user is continuously tracked.

The Evercookie technology operates as follows:

  1. When a website uses Evercookie, it records a unique identifier in the user's browser local storage.
  2. If a user clears standard cookies, Evercookie recreates the identifier in web storage.
  3. If the user clears the browser’s local storage, Evercookie restores the identifier through DNS queries.

This process allows Evercookie to bypass standard browser cleaning mechanisms.

Evercookie test from Proxy-Sale

The Evercookie creation tool helps you check for their presence in your browser. It analyzes the data stores used by Evercookie and indicates whether they have been detected.

To start checking, follow these steps:

  • Click the “Create Evercookie” button to generate a random UID number ranging from 1 to 1000.
  • After receiving the identifier, click the “Search Evercookie” button. The result of the Evercookie presence check will be displayed in a table.