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IP Tracing

Thanks to the service, which is available on this page, you can use the free and almost instant tracing of the IP address or a website. It will help you perform network diagnostics, which determines the speed of sending requests through servers on the Internet when opening a web resource in a browser. Using tracing, you will be able to determine the causes of possible problems associated with the slow loading speed of the site.

Tracing can take up to several minutes.

Test results:

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What is IP address tracing

When you visit any website on the Internet, your computer at that moment sends a request to the server. This path passes through routers. If everything went well, then the desired site will be displayed in your browser. If not, an error notification will appear.

The connection to the site may not occur for various reasons: the web resource itself does not work, the request from the computer did not reach the destination server, lost in the intermediate communication nodes, etc. In order to accurately determine the reason why the site could not be loaded, then it is worth to trace the IP address.

Traceroute is a network diagnostic utility. With its help, it is possible to record the route or specific gateway computers during each transition on the Internet. Tracing records all requests between the user’s computer and another destination where these requests are directed. Using Traceroute technology, you can calculate and determine how long it took for each jump. IP tracing also helps to track the entire request path to the destination.

Online IP address tracing

Due to IP address tracing through our online service, you can accurately determine the data transfer path, for example, when searching for information in Google, from one computer to another. In addition, tracing is a simple and convenient tool used to find connection problems and get more useful data about it.

Tracing will help you achieve three goals:

  • see the path traveled by the sent package;
  • determine the network delay – the time required for each device to send and receive data along the route;
  • find out the identity of routers, as well as devices encountered along the way.

How to trace IP addresses

3 simple steps to make an IP trace:

  1. On the service page, enter the data: IP address or hostname.
  2. Select the option “Yes” or “No” from the drop-down list next to the item “Show package route by country”.
  3. Click the “Trace IP” button.

The whole process will take a few minutes. Typically, IP or website tracing takes just 5-10 seconds.