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As you can see, your IP address can reveal quite a lot of information.

Computers connected to the Internet are assigned a unique number called IP (Internet Protocol Address). IP address is not picked randomly, it is assigned by your provider from the list of available IPs . IP address changes each time you disconnect and reconnect. Such IP address is called dynamic. If you want your IP address to remain the same, contact your provider. Usually a static IP address is fee based. It is also called an external IP. This type of IP can generally be tracked with online tracking tools which obtain related information about the owner. An internal or local IP address is a private address assigned to your PC (laptop) by your local network.

Use a proxy checker on our website Proxy-Sale.com to find IP address of your computer or network server. It is not as difficult as it may seem. Each user connected to the Internet in real time can be indentified by IP address. IP address is a long number represented by 4 groups of numbers from 0 to 255 (Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) or 8 groups of letters and numbers (Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

Each time you connect to a certain website your IP address is checked and a data transmission route from server to your device is created. If you started wondering how to find your IP address, it means that you took your first step towards information security .

Why do you need to know your IP address?

Finding your IP address is quite simple, your computer and web browser store information about your IP. However, if your provider uses dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned to your computer right at the moment of connection to the network, the numbers of your IP address will change each time you connect.

Therefore, a more reliable way to find your IP address is to use a special service called proxy checker, like the one on our website. This service allows you to get your exact, real-time IP address. Even if your provider uses dynamic addresses, the checker will display the IP address that was used to access the website.

2 reasons to know your IP address:

  • Security – IP address not only provides connection to the websites, but also reveals your location. Finding your IP address and knowing how to hide it, you will be able to better secure your personal data.
  • Work – to access blocked websites or work with large amount of information (for example, parsing), you not only have to know how to determine your IP address but also how to hide it properly, otherwise web administrators may block access to websites.

If you think that no one is interested in your IP address, you are deeply mistaken. If hackers know your Internet address, they can use your browser to reach your computer and turn it into bot. Or, they can use logins and passwords stored in your computer to obtain your personal information or simply steal money from your electronic account. Therefore, when you start thinking about how to find your IP address, you take a first step to secure your Internet surfing and protect yourself from losing important data.

Types of IP address

There are two types of IP adresses: local and networking. Local IP address locates your computer on your home network and network address is used to connect to the Internet. There are 2 types of network IP addresses:

  1. Dynamic IP address – as there are not enough IPv4 addresses, consisting only of numbers, providers use dynamic IPs. Dynamic IP addresses are assigned based on priority and only when needed, that is why each time you connect to the Internet, you see different numbers.
  2. Static IP address – individual providers assign an individual IP address to each registered user. It does not change, regardless of when you connect to the Internet. Static IP address is less secure, but more convenient for persistent connection to the same websites.

Changing your home IP address

Having checked the IP address with our service, a user usually starts thinking of changing his/her home IP address. The easiest and most reliable way to change your IP address is to use a proxy server. Such server acts as an intermediary agent that uses its own IP address to connect to the websites while your real IP address remains anonymous. In this way, you can visit the websites blocked by the government, work with large amounts of information and surf the Internet without any limitations.

What are the benefits of changing the home IP address?

When you determine your IP address you get more freedom on the Internet. When you hide your IP address, you are able to safely access any website, surf the Internet anonymously and protect your computer from possible web administrator restrictions or hackers attacks.

Why the IP address does not change with proxy?

A question that users often ask: I connected to a proxy server but my IP address has not changed, what should I do? Our answer: choose a high-quality anonymous proxy, which supports HTTPS and SOCKS protocols. Free proxies usually support a standard HTTP protocol which does not provide options for hiding your real IP address. With paid proxy servers supporting IPv4 and IPv6, you will be able to reliably hide a real address of your computer and browse the websites anonimously, knowing that the web administration can only see the IP address of the proxy server, which can be located in any country of the world.