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Keyword Grouping Tool

Due to the service, an online keyword grouping is available to you. Using it, you can automatically scrape keywords based on the search results of Yandex and Google. Proper construction of the site structure will increase your chances of placing the site in top positions. This online service will help you cluster keywords across pages so that you get the most SEO traffic.

How to use the Keyword Grouping Tool

    All you need to get started with the keyword tool is to take 4 simple steps:

    1. Select a region of scraping.
    2. Specify search queries (2 or more).
    3. Set the grouping threshold (from 1 to 10) – a parameter that affects the number of clusters and keywords in their composition.
    4. Press the “Group” button.

    As a result, you will receive automatic separation of search queries into groups according to the analysis of the TOP-10 search results of Yandex and Google. This will help you understand which search queries should be promoted on one web page, and for which it is better to create separate ones.

The clustering limit is 50 requests one time.

Please note that the service is free and only due to the listed xml limits. If you intend to use the service, we would be grateful if you list your limits. This will help keep the service free for you and other users. I want to help the service!


Search queries

Grouping threshold:

Спасибо! Ваша заявка уже обрабатывается менеджером и в ближайшее время он с вами свяжется.

    • Possible volume: from 1000 to 100000 requests
    • Go to xml.yandex.ru in the “Limits” section of the menu. You will see the number of available limits for each site.
    • Click the “plus sign” in front of the site whose limits you want to transfer to our account freeproxysale.
    • Enter your account name in the appeared field and press Enter
    • Thank. Enjoy your use!

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Why Keyword Grouping Tool is needed

The opinion that each page needs to be promoted by one search query is often erroneous. This strategy is far from always justified since there are similar keywords that need to be promoted together on the same page. For example, the keywords “site creation” and “site development” are synonymous with terms of search queries. These keywords are much more logical and effective to promote on one page, and not create a new one for each request, cluttering up the site.

Clustering semantic core queries through our online service will help you quickly and free of charge create groups of keywords to build a competent site structure. This will allow you to automatically distribute relevant search queries across the pages of sites to maximize the effectiveness of attracting SEO traffic and launch successful PPC campaigns.

Use our online service to cluster online queries to save personal time. All work will be done automatically. Also, this online service will help to eliminate errors in the distribution of keywords across pages, which will increase the effectiveness of website SEO-promotion.